3 Essential Tips For Safe Liveaboard Diving Thailand

Going on a Liveaboard Diving Thailand can be an exciting adventure especially for divers and those who love the waters. However, the water activity has its share of risks too. Underestimating the waters can be dangerous especially without the right diving equipment and knowledge. To have an enjoyable and safe diving experience, here are some tips.

Get certified

If you are planning to go to Thailand for a diving trip, the first thing that you should equip yourself is a dive certification issued by a licensed dive operator. Otherwise, if you get into any untoward incident while diving, your life or accident insurance may not compensate expenses. Although you will find liveaboard and diving shops that offer diving lessons along the beaches of Thailand, the certificates they issue are only for the lessons but not a safety diving certificate.

Obtain a medical certificate

Another thing that you should secure before you get on a Liveaboard Diving Thailand is a medical certificate from your country. A medical certificate is a requirement before you are allowed to take diving lessons. You would also be required to fill out a waiver before you are allowed to go on scuba diving. The waiver keeps the diving company from taking responsibility in the event of medical emergencies during the dive. Aside from having a diving certificate, make sure that you are medically fit and you do not have an illness during the diving schedule. Avoid diving if you are nursing a hangover or if you have flu or headache.

Pay attention to diving guides

Even if you are an experienced diver, it would still be best to listen to the diving guide especially if it is your first time to go on Liveaboard Diving Thailand or if you are doing it on a rainy weather. Summer or dry season is generally safe from diving in Thailand. Make sure to follow your dive plan especially if you have diving buddies with you. Pay attention on things that you need to watch out for including your diving route. The guide is an expert in the area so it would be best to pay attention to his advice.

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