3 Reasons To Enroll At RYA & ASA Sailing School

You can learn sailing in different parts of the world or even in your home country.But there are good reasons why you should learn sailing in Canary Islands. For one, the environment in Canary is suitable for learning this outdoor hobby or water sports. The islands of Canary is situated along the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to engage in this kind of outdoor activity, look for a school such as RYA & ASA Sailing School where you can learn the basics of sailing. If you are wondering why you should enroll in a school at Canary, here are some of the reasons why.

Ideal geographic location

Canary Islands is a series of small islands. Some of these islands have volcanoes and verdant, rich mountains that are truly pleasing to the eyes. Because the islands are nestled along the Atlantic Ocean, this autonomous community of Spain is understandably surroundedwith waters thereby making it ideal for water sports and activities. Some of the activities that you can engage in include yachting, scuba diving, sailing, swimming, snorkeling and you can also arrange for some island hopping. If you enroll in a sailing course, you can easily practice at the location. There is no need for you to travel to practice on actual water.

Suitable climate

Another reason to enroll at RYA & ASA Sailing School at Canary Islands is it has subtropical climate with long hot summers which is conducive for sailing. The long summer in the area allows you to enjoy the sun longer and also to learn the art of sailing for a longer period.

Qualified and expert trainers

To ensure that you will learn from the best, enroll in a training school such as RYA & ASA Sailing School where the trainers are fully licensed and the school is accredited. This will guarantee your safety and quality of the training course. Check the condition of the boats or yacht used in the training course to ensure that they are sea-worthy. The gears used during trainings should also be made of high quality materials including the training facilities.

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