4 Interesting Features Of Lifestyle Hotel In Sukhumvit

The hotel and hospitality industry is ever evolving. Nowadays, there are just so many types of hotels that a potential guest can choose from. However, if you want an innovative, modern and luxurious accommodation, a lifestyle hotel in Sukhumvit is what you should be looking for. If you are not familiar yet with a lifestyle hotel, here are some of its distinctions.

Owned and managed by a hotel chain

Unlike boutique hotels that are owned by private individuals or entrepreneurs, a lifestyle hotel is managed and owned by big hotel chains. Because the hotel is run by a hotel chain, you can be sure that the establishment is managed well becausethey are concerned of their reputation in the industry. Thus, you can never go wrong when it comes to the quality of their service.

More affordable than luxury hotels

One distinction of a lifestyle hotel in Sukhumvit is that they are way affordable than popular hotel chains. This way, you would be getting high quality hospitality service without paying too much for it. You will experience the same amenities but in a smaller scale but with the same impressive toiletries and other upscale services.

Small and intimate

Lifestyle hotels are similar to boutique hotels in such a way that they are small with few rooms which would not exceed to 100. The floor area of the rooms is also miniscule compared to standard room accommodation in huge hotels. Thus, you get that comfortable and intimate feeling like you are still within the relaxing walls of your home. The cafes and restaurants in lifestyle hotels are also intimately small making it easier for you to forge friendship with other hotel guests.

Modern and stylish 

With a lifestyle hotel in Sukhumvit, you can be sure to enjoy contemporary interior design with modern paintings and hip colour tone. All in all, you get that youthful vibrancy that you do not usually get from traditional and huge hotels. a lifestyle hotel is suitable for young backpackers or solo travellers in Bangkok or in the beautiful islands of Thailand.

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