A-B-C International Schools In Thailand

A study revealed that there are thousands of international schools all over the world educating millions of students. Out of these, Thailand has over one hundred seventy (170) international schools. Offering English program is the top reason for Thai parents in sending their kids to an international school. There are numerous American, Canadian and British schools in Thailand.

A is for American International Schools

American international schools in Thailand adopt the school curriculum of United States of America.  Oftentimes, these schools are accredited by accreditation organizations of the United States. Moreover, American international schools are designed to prepare students in entering colleges and universities in the United States. Recognized by the Ministry of Education of Thailand, some of the best American international schools in Thailand are as follows: The American School of Bangkok, Raffles American School Bangkok, and Wells International School.

B is for British International Schools

A British school in Thailand follows the National Curriculum of England. The Council of British International Schools together with United Kingdom’s Department of Education accredits these Thai schools. British Councils inspect British Schools every three years to ensure that these schools are qualified to use British curriculum. Some of the Thailand’s best British School are the following: British International School, St. Andrews International School, and Bangkok Patana School.

C is for Canadian International Schools

Just like American and British International Schools, Canadian International Schools adhere and follow the Canadian education curriculum. Usually, this means that the school follows the local curriculum of a province in Canada. Graduates from these accredited Canadian international schools receive two diplomas – one from the country where the school is located and another one from Canada. The Canadian International School of Thailand and the British Columbia International School are some of Canadian International Schools in Thailand.

The emergence of American, Canadian and British School in Thailand is just an implication of the growing popularity of International schools and English as the common language of the world. The variety of types of International schools accommodates to the demands of every family. Moreover, every international school is unique in its own.

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