Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Sketch In Web Development

Sketch has been making a name when it comes to dynamic web designing. What makes it tick more is that there is an option to convert to HTML from Sketch which makes the website more interactive. Though there are many other tools in the market, Sketch is favourable especially to designers who are MAC users. Developers will have an easier job when using Sketch as it has various features that are quite flexible to be used on web development.

Though there are some great functions offered by the use of Sketch in web development, it cannot be all good as there are some downsides to the tool as well. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages offered by this lightweight tool.


  • The designs to be used can achieve pixel perfection. Sketch has the ability to rescale any object used for designing without the risk of downgrading the object’s quality no matter the size it needs to be in. If designers are playing with vector objects then it is achievable right down to the exact requirement because of the easy rescaling option. This pixel precision function is important especially for a more responsive website.
  • Built-in Grids are exceptional. Developers who are fond of suing keyboard shortcuts will find out to their delight that Sketch is perfect for the task.
  • The advantage of using an artboard is presented when using Sketch for website development. Infinite canvasses are made use in Sketch and the designer has the option to get help in order to utilize the artboard. A toolbar is present upon choosing the artboard for easier use.
  • Files can be easily created with the help of templates alone. Sketch also gives the designer the option to make use of current files as the website’s template from the start.


  • Sketch’s main goal is to be a tool used for web designing so it is not surprising to know that it is not the best when it comes to photo editing. Photoshop compared to Sketch creates a big gap between the two as the former is designed mainly for photo editing. The not so good news is that Sketch users can only design at a rate of 72dpi.
  • If you have been using the same tools ever since you started out with web design then Sketch might come as a challenge because of the new programs to be mastered. Upon much practice though, it will prove to be much easier to use.

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