Airtasker Reveals Data On How Many Jobs Aussies Post

There’s some things that people just can’t be bothered to do, and Aussies apparently agree, according to data from Airtasker, a job outsourcing platform operating in the AU, which recently released their data on the job listings they get.

The company’s data showed that, every week, there are 35,000 jobs posted to the platform, ranging from the mundane stuff, like cleaning, to some more eccentric tasks, like fake paparazzi. The data also showed that the most commonly listed job across the AU, to the pleasure of companies that handle carpet cleaning in Perth and any sort of house cleaning, is cleaning.

Normal chores, like cleaning, there were also some stranger requests, with one person putting up a $5 posting, looking for someone to pick fluff from their bully button, among others. There was even a posting for $500 for someone to come join their baptism barbecue and pretend to be a relative.

According to Airtasker’s CEO and Founder Tim Fung, that there have been stranger postings on the platform. He says that Aussies are outsourcing all sorts of different tasks, both weird and wonderful, noting that Airtasker is a great place for these postings, as the platform has all sorts of people, ensuring that someone with the skill set is available for the task at hand, however strange it may be.

Of course, more common tasks are available on the platform. Good news for anyone who wants to handle carpet cleaning in Perth or anywhere else in the country, as cleaning clocks in as the most common listing on the platform, with 148,591 jobs for 2018. Removalists, at 122,140, followed, then handyman jobs, 93,961, then gardening, at a distant 48,043.

The app saw 35,000 tasks posted every week, and the data showed which areas they were most likely to come from. Surry Hills in Sydney were the most likely source of postings, then Richmond and Bondi Beach. Other common sources are Darlinghurst, Paddington, Parramatta, Randwick, Point Cook, St. Kilda and South Yarra.

Mr. Fung expressed belief that these suburbs were full of people who understood how to value their time, which included knowing which jobs they can or should handle, and which tasks they should have an expert come in to handle.

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