An Alternative To University


Many students that are leaving school because they cannot go to a university have no idea that there are other options out there for them. Majority of the parents wanted their children, as soon as they graduate from their high school, to proceed straight to their tertiary education and enter a university or an equivalent form of institution. There is another alternative that one can take after finishing high school and one that is not widely considered by many before.

This option is called TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This is considered a serious alternative for those who graduated in high school and are very fluent in the English language.

English is known to be the second most spoken language in the world and is even branded the second language in many countries. It has a high demand when it comes to institutions since the language is being taught as a separate subject.

One excellent example is Nadia Ismail and she just graduated high school and she is in her twenties when she decided to spend a year in Thailand in order to teach the locals the English language with the help of her certification from TEFL.

She shared that the best thing about the TEFL certification is that it is recognized all over the world and one can go in any country and they will recognize the certificate. There are different variations of the certificate. While TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and it practices you to converse in English, there is also another certificate called TESL or Teaching English as a Second Language.  Another certification is called EFL or English as a Foreign Language.

In order to get certified for TEFL, you must find a good institution with excellent reputation wherein you can practice teaching English to other people or students. Majority of the institutions are based in South Africa where one is required to attend the induction course for two weeks and another 120 hours of teaching the language before being awarded the TEFL certification in your designated hometown. If you are in Thailand then you can check out ProTEFL to get your certification.

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