Apple Issued Free Repairs Over Tech Issues

For some people that were suffering issues with their iPhone X or their Apple Macbooks, it was a relief to hear that they could get PC repairs in Perth and across the world for free.

Recently, the tech giant quietly offered free repair jobs for certain hardware issues on some of its devices. The issues in question were related to the touch functionality on the iPhone X and data loss or outright drive failure on the 13-inch Macbook Pro.

According to a statement released by the company on the matter, they determined that some units of their iPhone X had displays that experienced touch issues because of a component issue. Specifically, certain units had screens which occasionally failed to respond to touch controls while there have also been report that the iPhone X’s display sometimes respond despite not having been touched at all.

These issues were commonly reported by Apple users online. There were even three whole Reddit threads devoted to the issues people were running into with their iPhone X’s, including ‘ghost touches’ and intermittent functionality.

On their support page, Apple responded that it will replaces the display module on eligible devices, no charge, with no other iPhone models being covered by their program.

As for the Macbook Pro, some PC repairs in Perth and across the world have run into an issue with the model, which Apple stated may have led to data loss and drive failure. The issue, the company added, affected certain units of the laptop sold between June 2017 and June 2018.

Customers which were found eligible were allowed free repairs, but were issued a warning that part of the fix involved the deletion of the computer’s drive.

This is one of the most recent stumbles from the tech giant, whose products have been going through some rough patches recently. It has uncharacteristic technical problems plaguing releases, which included, but are not limited to, faulty Macbook keyboards, swelling Apple Watch batteries, and the infamous error 53 saga which made the iPhone outright unusable, as well as the iPhone throttling controversy, where the company outright admitted to slowing down older iPhone models.

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