Apple Quietly Nixes Online Reviews

With how important online reviews like King Kong SEO reviews are in the digital age, companies work hard to make sure they’re visible and as complimentary to their brand as possible, while still being believable.

So when Apple took down all of the customer reviews and ratings on their online store, a lot of people took notice.

The tech giant quietly got rid of all customer-posted reviews and ratings of all its products on their website, with no warning or explanation. This sudden change was noted by Apply Insider late November, which explained that the change affected all of Apple’s product pages on the US, UK, and AU versions of the site.

This change happened soon after the start of the holiday shopping season. The company sees a huge increase in sales during the last three months of every year thanks to holiday shopping.

Specifically, Apple nixed the Ratings and Reviews section of their site, which holds thousands upon thousands of customer submitted reviews. Shoppers could see and post reviews and star ratings in this section, as well as look at reviews arranged according to recency or usefulness. This section as well as the entire reviews contained within, is no longer accessible.

Media outlets across the world have looked at the issue, confirming the change, with many looking at the archived version of Apple’s site dated November 16. Notably, the version of the site from the following day, November 17, no longer has the ratings and reviews section. Apple Insider, the media outlet that closely watches the tech giant, did the same with the product page for the first generation Apple Pencil, which had those changes at the aforementioned date.

Like with King Kong SEO reviews, there were a few negative reviews in Apple’s Ratings and Review section, as is the case with any company. But the notable thing is that Apple’s Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack was bombarded with 700 one-star reviews from customers across the world, prior to the removal of the section.

As a result of the sudden and inexplicable change, media outlets have approached Apple to get a statement on the matter, but the tech company has refused to make a statement, remaining quiet about the sudden change.

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