Apprenticeship For Plasterers Offered By British Gypsum

There is a shortage of plasterer in Sydney and in the United Kingdom which is why one company is funding an apprenticeship program for those who are interested in joining the industry. British Gypsum, a manufacturing company based in Loughborough, specializes in interior lining systems and is one of the leading suppliers to house builders in the United Kingdom. It recently welcomed the new batch of plasterer apprenticeships guaranteed to deliver high-quality services. According to Federation of Master Builders, the new batch has been given the approval by the government.

Based on the Plasterer Trailblazer Apprenticeships program which lasts for three years, the company is allotting £10,000 for each student. The program’s main goal is to improve the current standards set by the industry in order to meet the demand of the government which is to train an additional three million before 2020 ends.

The new program was a brainchild of the Academy team under the company which has partnered with FMB before in order to develop a scheme that will provide two alternative routes prior, solid and fibrous plastering, to the final qualification. The program also covers the needed end-point assessment for the two routes presented. The goal is that through the new standards presented with the apprenticeship, the younger generation will be encouraged to take up a career in the industry of construction.

British Gypsum’s national technical academy manager, Dave Hall, said that prior to the new program there was only the NVQ Level 2 which lasts for two years and the three-year version does not have a high number of enrolees. After the introduction of the new standards, formal routes included in the training will no longer have a two-year option but everything will be moved to a three-year scheme. The companyadmits that there will be challenges they have to overcome with these new changes but they are happy to hear about the news.

It is the hope of those who aspire to become a plasterer in Sydney that the country will also provide the same training program for those who are interested but does not have the means to do so.

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