Australians In Favor Of Proposed Electric Car Policy

Bill Shorten recently revealed a proposal for electric car which were questioned by many especially the critics since the idea seemed not feasible. There are motorists thinking about the lack of cheap mechanic on the Gold Coast if this policy is implemented. Despite the doubts, the latest poll showed that many Australians are actually in favor of the proposal.

The said online survey was conducted by YouGov Galaxy with a total of 861 participants who are all eligible to vote. The result is that 62 per cent of them are in favor of the policy proposed by Labor and some are even thinking that it should go a step further.

Out of the 861 participants, only 38 per cent of them believe that the policy is too soon to be implanted. The survey was conducted from April 10 until the 11 the next day. This was only more than one week after the announcement by Labor that they are planning to replace 50 per cent of the vehicles sold in the country with electric. This is expected to be achieved before the end of 2030.

Majority of Australians think that it is the right time for it since electric cars are going to be the next big thing in the coming years. Around 68 per cent of the participants in the survey admitted that they already own or is planning to purchase an electric car in the near future. Another 50 per cent said that they are waiting for electric car prices to go down and reach the same level that of petrol cars before they commit to buying. The projected year of this to come to fruition is 2025.

According to Greg Bourne, the Climate Councillor who also used to be the lead of BP Australia, the results of the survey is proof that the Federal Government is not connected with the ordinary citizens of the country. In fact, the public is more welcoming when it comes to technology and the digital age compared to the Federal Government. Australians are excited to join the electric revolution. While there is no cheap mechanic on the Gold Coast for this like the ones servicing petrol cars, service centres expected to be built for electric cars.

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