Autorack Uses Aluminum Extrusion Bars For Their Projects

Autorack Products Ltd specializes in van roof rack and van racking systems. It has innovated and introduced the all new heavy duty aluminum Van Roof Rack with Sapa Profiles UK. It also includes using aluminum extrusion bars for their project.

Through its aerodynamic cross-bar profile, the provider has innovated an attractive and efficient new product using their aluminum extrusion bars Van Roof Rack, which limits the wind drag and noise. The new line of products is extruded by Sapa and manufactured in the UK. The van roof rack comes with a very sleek design that suits strength and aesthetics. The Autorack industry has been in this business for over twenty years now. It is perceived to have one of the most durable and most heavy-duty roof racks you can buy in the market.

As noted to be popular in van products, they have usedaluminum extrusion bars for high quality and durability. Prior to the inauguration of this product, Autorack have tried to deliver other suppliers’ products while being supported with positive participation of the Sapa Profiles to innovate and produce their own range of van accessories. Through the aid of Sapa’s comprehensive aluminum profile knowledge and working closely with their team of engineers, Autorack began creating and innovating the Van Roof Rack.

Through the help of Sapa, the company has already a wide range of van accessories using aluminum extrusion bars. Utilizing the same aerodynamic profile, Autorack is about to launch a range of high-quality Van Roof Bars targeting professional tradesmen. The roof racks will come in various roof rack options to cover around 70% of the light van range within the next twelve months.

According to the Managing Director of Autorack Products Ltd George Kamperis, they received a first-class service from the Sapa team. They have proven to be invaluable to the innovation of this new experience with Autorack.

The most popular form of aluminum product is aluminum extrusion bars, which are being produced worldwide. Selected pieces of this material is used by Autorack and Sapafor their innovative applications and projects. This is one reason why they have derived the Van Roof Racks.

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