Bangkok Got A New Tourist Attraction With Ghost Tower

There are many buildings all over the capital including service apartment in Bangkok, hotels, condominiums and shopping centres but one building in particular is catching is the attention of tourists in the city. The building gives off a creepy vibe and it is not only dangerous but also not accessible to just anyone.

Despite the dire warning that it is illegal to enter, tourists are paying the security guards on duty just to see what is inside of the so-called ghost tower. Apparently this tourism trend is growing among wanderlusts all over Asia as they hunt for skyscrapers that have been abandoned and buildings that are rumoured to be haunted.

Urban exploration is entering a new era that tourists are now into visiting and investigation places that poses danger and one of them is the Ghost Tower popular in Bangkok. Other top choices are the Haunted Resort in Bali and the theme park called Dreamland which has been deserted for a long time in Nara, Japan.

A number of the sites have no guards in place which makes it possible for tourists to investigate and explore without any issues. Some places though have security therefore they are forced to bribes the guards in order to get access inside the buildings.

This new trend of urban exploration is referred to as URBEX. One of the activities involved in such outings is exploring structures that are man-made. They tend to be attracted towards buildings that have been abandoned for a long time. Their main goal during the exploration is to take still photography or videos of the adventures.

This is not an original trend because obviously this has been done in the past but it is only the past few years that it is getting more attention than before. This obsession picked up pace because of the rise of travel blogging. It is not surprising to watch videos of service apartment in Bangkok being scaled by these travellers looking for new adventures they can post online hoping to get a viral hit someday. Young travellers are now following suit and visiting these eerie places to document for the sake of social media sharing.

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