Carpet Cleaning Service In Exchange For Donating Food

This holiday season, many homeowners are hiring carpet cleaning in Perth but one company in Utah does something more for the less fortunate. The carpet cleaning company that gives back to its community is known by the locals as Zerorez. This is the second year that they are going to organize the food drive. All food donations will be given to the Food Bank.

According to the general manager of Zerorez, Jake Stone, he is proud to be a part of a company that organizes an event that can help the community. They are not only giving permission for the event but the entire company is encouraged to help. The entire company is conditioned with the mind-set that it is better to give back.

For this month, they are going to focus on their annual food drive. For the entire month of November, all homeowners who give food donation during the time of their service will be given by Zerorez a freebie. They will clean one room inside your house without charging additional fees. All the food donations will then be sent by Zerorez to the food bank in Utah.

Stone added that they did the same thing last year and they were happy that their customers were all willing to help with the cause. They were able to collect more than 5000 pounds of food donations for the whole month of November last year. Stone also said that other branches of Zerorez are also offering the same deal thus their management have decided to make it a competition to see who collects the highest amount of food donations at the end of the month. Last year, the winner was the branch in Salt Lake.

It was a good thing that the company is able to do what they are best in – no residue carpet cleaning – while helping the community at the same time. They were also able to witness how generous people are. Zerorez is hoping to gather more than the amount they did last year and hopes that other companies, such as carpet cleaning in Perth, will also be able to come up of events that could benefit the community.

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