Check Out These Top Makeup Artists For Your Melbourne Wedding

There are many things to prepare for a wedding including the dress, venue, catering and flowers among many others. If the venue is outdoors, securing a marquee hire in Melbourne is also important to make sure that your special day will be weather-proof. After securing everything there is, do not forget that the bride needs to look her most beautiful. This is why it is essential to look for a makeup artist that will help you look and feel good on one of the most important events of your life.

You know you have found the right makeup artist for you if he or she can bring to life the vision you have in mind. It is never too early to find the best in Melbourne but because of the endless choices, here are some of the top makeup artists in the city.

Isabella Quinn is quite well-known in Instagram with more than 45,000 followers. Many of the fans are praising her for the makeup looks she creates which makes one look glowing. She can highlight the eyes with a blended smoky look or create a more natural look with dewiness on top. The makeup artist is residing in Hawthorn and can handle just about any looks the bride wants.

Another freelance artist who can do both hair and makeup is Cassandra Lusi. She knows her way with a brush and a palette. One of her most loyal client is Steph Claire Smith who is known as one of the leading social media influencer. Smith is not the influencer client that Lusi tends to but she has already catered to a number of local brides because she can create the classic and polished bride look.

Katie Winkler was a finalist during The Australian Beauty Industry Academy Awards which was held in 2016. She is a well-known talent when it comes to editorial makeup, bridal makeup and even formal ones. Her clients have the option to visit her in her studio or she can also drive into the bride’s location for an additional charge of $150. Winkler’s studio is also within Melbourne.

As a bride, you give a lot of thought before booking marquee hire in Melbourne so the same careful planning should also be applied when choosing a makeup artist.

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