Chinese Couples Heading To The AU For ‘Pre-Wedding’ Photos

Many in the wedding industry, from wedding caterers in Sydney to planners in Melbourne, have become familiar with Chinese couples, who have been travelling to the country to tie the knot.

One notable portion of the wedding industry that has boomed with the influx of Chinese couples is the photography sector, thanks the number of these couples that come to the AU in order to use its landmarks as the backdrop for their pre-wedding photo shoots.

This trend stems from how the Chinese handle wedding photos. Unlike in Western countries, the Chinese take the photos before the special day itself in order to display them prominently at the wedding reception and shared them on social media. This also lets the couple spend more time on the wedding guests, rather than having to leave for photos.

This new trend is a multi-billion dollar industry in China, where the new, rich generation use the images as a status symbol, with couples spending big for the day-long photo shoots, which often involve several locations, as well as outfit and hairstyle changes.

A standard package for a pre-wedding photo costs about $5,000 for the day, with add on flights and accommodation bumping up pricing past $8,000.

Australian photography businesses, like wedding caterers in Sydney and other wedding businesses in the country, have been reaping the rewards of the Chinese couple influx.

According to Sydney photographer and operator of Pepper Images, Robert Wen, when he started out, he only hand domestic clients, but now, the majority of his booking are from couples from Asia. He says that they’ve been seeing increasing demand from overseas, particularly from China, Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

He points to the booming Chinese economy as one of the reasons young couples are so willing to travel overseas in order to get pre-wedding shots.

Tourism Australia’s Head of Corporate Affairs Karen Halbert says that the trend is good for Australia’s tourism sector. She explains that, when the couples come over to Australia, they also stay in a hotel, go out to dinner, and might even go out and enjoy other activities.

Then, these couples come home with amazing photos of Aussie landmarks, like the Sydney Harbour or the Melbourne CBD, which gives family and friends a glimpse of what it’s like to spend time in Australia.


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