Christmas 2020 Is Different From Previous Years

Businesses are trying different online marketing strategies to stay competitive during the coronavirus pandemic. While some are encouraging customer reviews like King Kong advertising review, others are using ads on social media platforms like Facebook. However, the website remains as the primary source of information.

It is very likely that Christmas 2020 will be different from previous Christmases but if there is one thing that will not change for the UK culture, it is the love for annual Christmas advertisements. Retailers always capitalize on consumer’s fondness for the Christmas season. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic, British retailers will be spending less on Christmas advertisements.

For retailers, the traditional practice of making TV advertisements and spending huge amounts on TV campaigns is outdated. According to Liam Patterson, chief executive of Google shopping platform Bidnamic, holiday advertisements on TV may generate interest in a particular retailer but it does not necessarily mean that the brand will be on the consumer’s mind when he shops online.

Many purchases will happen online but consumers will be researching and discovering products through social media and eCommerce platforms. This year’s advertisements must drive consumers to the brand’s digital channels. Retailers have to engage with their customers through relevant content that resonates because shopping through brick and mortar stores will not be happening.

Other brands are sticking to customer feedback like King Kong advertising review because it enhances their online presence. Consumer behaviours have changed and they are reading reviews before making a purchase decision. 2020 is different from previous years so that businesses have tried a different marketing approach.

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