Christmas Party Themes You Haven’t Tried Yet

Christmas parties are a great way to spend the holiday seasons and have fun. You’ll not only be having a blast, you’ll also be building great relationships and memories with your friends and loved ones. What better way is there than spending Christmas with your friends and family with the music blasting and drinks pouring?

But if you are not a fan of traditional partying, there are other ways to throw a Christmas party. No, this isn’t about Ugly Christmas Sweater parties or the weird furry parties you see on TV. Here are actually some creative Christmas party themes that you may not have tried yet.

  1. Reverse Christmas Party in July. You are probably wondering: “Who throws a Christmas party in July?” Apparently, a lot of people do. In fact, throwing Christmas party complete with Santa hats and Christmas trees in the hottest time of the year is actually becoming a popular tradition. A lot of people like to pretend that it’s Christmas. So this Christmas season, why not do the opposite? Why not host a summer-themed Christmas party? Contradictory, right? It may be so, but it sounds a lot of fun.
  2. Movie Marathon. Since you would have already searched a ton of Netflix movies in the holidays, why not host a holiday movie marathon sort of party? Just make sure to watch less than five movies to avoid getting fatigue. Also, if you think it would get boring, spice it up with a few drinking games in between!
  3. Pet Christmas Party. Yep, people love to dress their pets so why not throw a party for your pets? Your house would be flooded with all kinds of adorableness when you have fifteen cute puppies or cats dressed in adorable clothing.
  4. Holiday Cocktail Pot Luck. Tired of traditional pot lucks? You could ask your friends to bring their favorite cocktails instead! Let them bring drinks while you handle the food.
  5. Holiday Karaoke Night. You could go to a karaoke bar or have your house host the karaoke night. Either way, it would be the perfect opportunity to show off your singing prowess, or the lack thereof. Just don’t forget those Christmas gift bags filled with all sorts of treats because people love getting treats.
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