Construction In Sydney CBD The Cause Of Increasing Rat Population

The fact that the population of vermin in the CBD area of the city of Sydney continues to increase can no longer be denied. Thus the city is currently exerting every effort in order to make use of new methods that will help them locate the hiding places of the rats within the city. Many are already calling for rodent control in Sydney because of the alarming number of rats that have been seen roaming around.

Locals residing in the CBD area as well as businesses have been complaining for a while now that they have seen rats more often and some of them are roaming around even outside their nocturnal hours. The City admitted that the cause of the rise in infestation can be attributed to the transport works going on and the building that’s happening in the CBD of Sydney. The population of rats had increased which is why they are looking for new methods that can help eliminate the rodents soon.

According to a spokesperson from the city, there has been a lot of major demolition which has never happened before at the same time. Add the fact that there are construction works going on such as the improvement on the George Street and Martin Place, the Barangaroo and the light rail of Sydney. All of these are happening within the CBD. All of this contributed to the increase in rat population and led to higher movements from rats.

During the month of May, the city used around 1,307 baits all over 36 parks in the city which includes Hyde Park since it is near ongoing constructions such as Museum Station, the major project being done on 130 Elizabeth St and the ANZAC memorial. Another contributing factor is the waste left by visitors on the park such as food or the leftovers from bird feeding.

The spokesman said that they are trying new approach in rodent control in Sydney in order to target directly the hiding places of the rats. Control measures will be improved greatly if their burrows and nests are eliminated rather than baiting them one by one.

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