Core Principles Of Bridge 21 Learning Program Developed By Trinity College

Bridge 21 is a technology based education program developed by Trinity College. The bridge 21 program aims to create modern methods of teaching that aid in nurturing new generations of leaders and entrepreneurs.

The bridge 21 program is one of the causes supported by Denis Obrien, who is all praise for the learning model which emphasizes on the use of team based, cross-curricular and project based education that is driven by technology. The education programis aimed at the secondary level schools and seeks to change the way, how students learn.

The workshops and classes of the bridge 21 course are funded by private donors and organizations like Iris O’Brien foundation, founded by Denis Obrien. The program trains the teachers of the partner schools to impart modern education with emphasis on cross-curricular and team based learning.

Some of the core principles of the bridge 21 program are:


Teamwork is the core aspect of the learning model. Students collaborate with other students across the country in digital projects and learn important skills like project planning, problem solving and communication. These life skills enable the students to develop into keen entrepreneurs and business leaders in a knowledge based economy.


The learning program aims to develop leadership qualities among the students. The program aims to develop the confidence and capacity of the young students and empower to take their own life choices and decisions.


The innovative educational tools and project based learning enables the students to experiment and have fun. The project based learning develops the creativity of the students and helps them to cup with innovative ideas.

Learning through technology

The learning methods of the bridge 21 program are integrated through technology. The integration of technology into formal learning and education enhances their involvement and interest in the subject.

Importance of mentors

Bridge 21 has a huge network of mentors and teachers working from different locations around the world. The mentors are always willing to support the students to develop life skills and capabilities. The bridge 21 program brings a win-win model, where the teachers and mentors contribute to the development of the students and also improve their own potential.

These aspects of bridge 21 makes it a unique learning program which contributes to the overall development of the students and trains them to be future leaders and entrepreneurs. Denis Obrien, one of the leading donors and supporters for the program opines that if the principles of the program are adopted throughout the country, it would lead to the development of new methods of teaching and learning.

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