Couriers please Launches New, After-Hours Service

A new delivery service from Couriers Please, one of Australia’s larger courier companies, with a courier online option, has just been revealed by the company, and it’s set to be useful for those with schedules that make even picking up a package tedious.

The company is deploying a new, flexible delivery scheme, which will allow its customers to set alternative addresses for Couriers Please’s couriers to delivery to, even after standard work hours, everyday of the week. According to the company, this new service will be very helpful for the retailers and for their customers that prefer a courier online service.

With the new service, customers can now send an e-mail notifying CouriersPlease and, by extension, the courier, which can be done mid-transit, so that the parcel will be redirected to the alternate address of choice, selected retail outlets such as PopShop, or parcel lockers like PopStations. There’s even an option for the customer to give the courier company authorization to drop the package off without a signature from the recipient, useful for those that are unable to hand their signatures for a parcel.

The new service also allows adds another function for PopShops and PopStations, as customers can now return their packages by dropping them off there, at any time they find convenient, instead of having to set up a parcel pick-up from home or from the workplace.

CouriersPlease has stated that, as part of their efforts to provide quality service, they are planning to have around 1000 PopPoints integrated into their network by the end of 2017.

Mark McGinley, CouriersPlease CEO made a statement, saying that flexible deliveries are becoming more and more important as e-commerce grows. He states that the flexible delivery service is one of the key points in ensuring that e-commerce side of parcel delivery grows.

He adds that, based on the company’s history with their customers, online shoppers set their home addresses for their deliveries, only to be unable to receive them due to something forcing them to be away from home.

McGinley says that this new service will not only help the online shoppers, but also alleviate some issues for retailers and businesses that send their products cross-country or internationally.

With online shopping growing in Australia, a lot of courier companies are taking notice and tapping into courier online services, primarily through flexible delivery services, with one of the most-recent being DHL’s On Demand Delivery service, which was launched in Australia last month.

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