Damon Braces As An Investment For Confidence

More and more people are becoming obsessed with the way their teeth look. Braces that used to be common among teens have become the option for adults who want their teeth to look as perfect as those they see on TV and magazines. However, instead of the standard metal braces, many individuals opt for the Damon braces without elastic or metal ties.

According to Dr. Joanna Yu of Adult &Paediatric Orthodontics in Portland and Windham, an individual looks great with white perfect teeth but there are also benefits to health. For example, an individual that has a crooked bite may suffer pain and complications down the road because of the uneven pressure on the jaws that will result into unnecessary wear and tear to the muscles and tendons.

Individuals with crowded teeth are more prone diseases and decay because brushing is more difficult. Having a bite that is lined up correctly and teeth that are evenly spaced goes beyond looks; it is easier to clean.

Invisalign is a good cosmetic option for older teens and adults because very minor to moderate adjustments are needed. Invisaligns are clear and removable and fits the same way as the traditional metal braces. However, invisalignsare not recommended for younger teens and children because they might not be very diligent with wearing the invisible brace.

Meanwhile, the Damon braces have the slide mechanism that holds the wire so that the teeth can move more freely. The brace is more comfortable for a patient and the treatment period is usually shorter. Braces are an investment that will build your confidence when meeting people. Damon brace is not noticeable because it is designed to be discreet; however, it works effectively to improve the smile. On the other hand, treatment must always be designed based on the individual and his needs to yield the best possible results.

The three benefits that can be gained from Damon braces include faster treatment, fewer appointments with the dentist and greater comfort. Fewer adjustments are required because of the high tech shape memory wires that move the teeth faster. There are no elastic wires that will collect plague.

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