Decorating Tips To Feel At Home At Home

When we wake up in the morning and head down to our living room, we might not exactly feel right. At that point, we think it might be due to a lack of style, or because it’s not matching up to something else we saw.

But that’s a bad move, if you consider it. While sometimes this works, most of the time it won’t, simply because it’s not authentic. It’s not by you, for you.

If you’re going to decorate your home, you need to prioritize your own tastes, needs, and ideas when decorating. You have to feel at home in your home.

Ask yourself…

  • Does my home reflect who I am? If you answer “no”, or “just a bit”, then ask why this is the case. Figure out what you need to make your home feel like it’s yours.
  • Are your needs being met? What do you do when you wake, eat, and work? Is everything easy to get, is it easy to read? Are the furniture and sinks the right size? The rugs feel right? These things seem inconsequential, but put together, they help you live in the space. Not the expensive appliances, or fancy placements.
  • How do you want to live? Casual? Formal? Cozy? Figure it out.
  • If you were the only person who needed impress, how would you decorate? This is the hardest, but you need to know what you need to change so you feel at home.

Things to keep in mind

  • Stick to your gut. It’s your place, after all. Have someone double-check, but it’s still fairly reliable.
  • Let it evolve. Remember that when you decorate your home, it won’t be done in a snap. It’s a constant process, truth be told, as you’re still living in the space. As you change, your tastes change.
  • Be picky; that’s a good thing when it comes to decorating your house. Remember that when marketers present home décor options for you, they’re hoping to bank on your lack of creative energy after a busy day. Filter out the noise and stick to what you want.
  • Make sure all your senses are happy. It’s a good idea to lightly play your favorite tracks and spray a bit of fragrance in rooms so your ears and nose feel at home too. As for your bed, obviously pick the bedding that works best for you.
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