DHL Launches Medical Logistics Service Between Brazil And The US

Whether medicines or pharmaceutical supplies are shipped by air, water or land, medical logistics company ensures that all proper measures are undertaken so that the cargo will arrive promptly and safely to its destination. Medicines have to be delivered the soonest possible time because a patient’s life might be dependent on its timely arrival.

DHL Medical Express Service (WMX) was launched by DHL between Brazil and the United States for the pharmaceutical and clinical research sectors.  WMX will address the increasing demand for faster and more predictable lead times particularly with the presence of regulatory complexities that cause delayed exports.

The export and regulatory requirements will be managed by DHL for urgent shipments that have specific temperature needs. DHL WMX assures that the urgent shipments from several major cities in Brazil will reach their US destinations within 24 to 48 hours. DHL service points in Brazil were upgraded and validated to meet Brazil’s federal, state and city regulations as well as the controls and licensing requirements of the Ministry of Health and Sanitary.

Regulatory requirements in Brazil are quite complex but the technology solution of DHL WMX prepares as many of the necessary documents in advance. Most of these documents have to be complete as required by the investigator before DHL is allowed to start the export and fiscal approval process the day-of-booking to mitigate any delays.

So far investigator feedback on the flexibility of DHL in the preparation of sample shipment, extended pick-up time and overall site experience has been positive.

Customers qualified for the service will receive several temperature options that include ambient, chilled or frozen through specialized thermal packaging.  The WMX service will include supplies of dry ice and temperature-controlled packaging fulfilment. Clients can use online tools for bookings and ordering of supplies. A web-based interface includes Express Logistics Platform (ELP) that connects the sites.

The most reliable services are provided by a medical logistics company to customers for their specific needs. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can affect shipping services but medical logistics makes sure to ease the stress for those who need the product immediately. Even the most complicated conditions are managed and controlled properly.

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