Direct Flight From Da Nang To Nagoya Launching This Year

Le Xuan Tung is currently Da Nang International Airport Administration’s director. He shared that both airport management have agreed to organize two chartered flights from Nagoya to Da Nang and vice versa. This first one is happening in May and another in August of this year. This is an additional measure they have decided due to a promotion campaign wherein they will offer direct flights between the two cities on a daily basis starting in the fourth quarter of this year. This is good news for luxury hotels in Danang because it will attract more tourists from Japan.

According to Tung, the airport managements on both sides have already signed a Memorandum of Understanding or MoU last week as part of the promotion event for investment and tourism which was held in Nagoya.

He explained that one of the top eight biggest airports located in Japan is the Chubu Centrair airport. Its capacity is similar to that of Da Nang airport as it was able to host 11.5 million foreign arrivals in 2017.Vietnam Airlines, the national flag carrier of the country, conducted four chartered flights from Da Nang to Nagoya and vice versa last year. This is in preparation for the launching of the air route with a more regular scheduling.

Tung said that the main reason why both parties have decided to launch direct flight is to improve the investment in both central cities, encourage tourism as well as trade. This will impact not just Nagoya but neighbouring cities in Japan at the same time.

Da Nang is currently the base of 143 projects launched by Japanese companies which amounts to 500 million USD worth of investments. These projects helped paved way for an additional 32,000 employment for local residents and surrounding areas.

In the previous year, the second highest tourist arrivals in Da Nang are foreigners from Japan. These are the same ones booking luxury hotels in Danang which has ballooned to over 400,000. This number is 10 times as many compared to figures recorded back in 2013. Currently, the only flights from Da Nang going to Japan is through Osaka and Narita airports.

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