Experts Encourages People To Make Their Own Natural Skin Care Products At Home

Altamonte Springs, Fla. – April 22, 2015 – When the phrase natural skin care products come into a person’s mind, he or she would immediately think of brightly colored boxes and containers that can be found on local spas and beauty stores.
But what most people don’t know or neglect to know is that they do not have to spend money on a pricey item because they can make their own skin care products at home.

In fact, experts are encouraging people to find items in their kitchens that could be doubled as a skin care product.

CJ Jackson, a holistic health practitioner, says that potatoes, primarily their starch and their juices, have a great effect under the eyes. He says that people should be more versatile with what they see. Not just because they see a fruit doesn’t mean they are only limited to eating it. Sometimes they can blend it and apply it to the skin. A good example for this is an organic yogurt coupled with blueberries that can be used as a great mask.

He recommends people to use a cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer added with natural substances.

Jackson urges people to use an African black soap as a cleanser. They can be found online. Add honey or vegetable glycerin so that the skin would be moisturized and softened while it is being cleansed.

Natural organic coconut oil can be used as a great moisturizer. Take note that you don’t need to apply a lot on your face because it is very oily. Then, as a toner, you can use witch hazel or aloe juice because it has a phenomenal effect on the skin as well.

There are many other beauty aids that you can use which is found in the kitchen like tea bags, coconut milk, turmeric or oatmeal.

All you have to do is change your perspective on things. What you may find in a beauty store or a spa can sometimes be made in the kitchen. If you worry about the effects it will have on your skin, remember that it is the same substances that cosmetics use for their products so the effect would be just the same.

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