Facing Addiction And Sharing Its Impact

For those families who have loved ones addicted to alcohol or drugs, anxiety is increased every time their phone rings. Many of them are waiting for that call where their loved ones have overdosed.


The Honor and Recovery wall


Lori Roser of Marietta narrated that she doesn’t wish for the same pain she’s in to be experienced by others. She added that people do not understand how addiction affects the family. Her nephew and nieces grew up without their mom due to heroin.


More stories that explain the toll from addiction are posted in the lobby of the Marietta Municipal Court with the hopes of defeating the stigma from addiction and mental illness as well as starting the long overdue conversation about it. Photos, posters, memorabilia and newspaper clippings celebrating those recovering and honoring those who lost the battle with addiction are posted.


Judge Janet Dyar Welch said that the wall illustrates the county’s problems. She hoped that the wall gives a pause to users, families and the public who pass by.


Stories from the wall


One of the shared stories in the wall is about the 2 nephews of a local resident.


It is narrated by Ginger O’Connor. Her nephews were boys she would’ve loved to be as her own since they were kind and polite. However, Andrew and Tyler overdosed within a year apart from each other.


Irvin Hobba, O’Connor’s brother, gave permission to his sister to post his stepsons’ pictures on the wall. Andrew Morin who was 27 passed away last August 25, 2015 with a needle stuck in one arm. Tyler Morin who was 24 died from overdose last August 10. Hobba mentioned that they waited for the past 6 years for the call informing them his stepsons had overdosed. His wife lost half her life to her sons’ addiction. Her sons meant the world to her.


Talking about mental illness and addiction


Cathy Harper who is a coordinator of the Right Path for Washington County hopes that the Honor and Recovery Wall encourages people in the community to finally talk about mental illness and addiction freely.


Although, there are numerous clinics and hospitals nearby or in distant locations like a luxury rehab in California offering help, information to prevent addiction is helpful rather than dealing with it later on.

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