Factors To Consider While Selecting Tiles For Small Bathrooms

Bathroom renovation helps to improve the curb value of a home. It is one of the most efficient ways to improve the resale value of a property. Changing the wall and floor tiles is a big task in bathroom renovation. Choosing the right size, colour and material of tiles is very important to increase the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. Tiles of the correct size make the smaller bathrooms appear bright and spacious. Here are some tips to help you choose the best tiles to make your bathroom appear big and attractive.

  1. Do not determine the size of the tiles based on the size of the bathroom. Most of the interior designers opine that using large tiles in a small bathroom, makes it to appear spacious. For example, using large natural stone bathroom tiles will provide an illusion of space because these tiles provide a continuous floor or wall surface. Large tiles means fewer grout lines which makes the bathroom feel less clustered. On the other hand, using mosaics and smaller tiles will increase the appearance of grout lines which makes the space look small and cramped. However, if you love mosaics and small tiles, use them as accents and in spaces such as alcoves and recesses.
  2. The layout of the tiles also plays a major impact on the appearance of the bathroom. Lay the tiles in a diagonal or brick lock manner in order to create an illusion of space. Using the gridlock style layout will make the bathroom appear smaller and boxed out.
  3. The colour is also an important point to consider while choosing bathroom tiles. Choose light coloured tiles in white or cream, to make the space look bigger than it actually is. You can also use tiles with glossy or mother-of-pearl finish to create an illusion of space in the bathroom. You can also use darker tiles to create depth to the space, but use them sparingly as focal points or borders.
  4. Choose the right material for the tiles. Marble, granite, limestone, slate and travertine are some of the best options for natural stone bathroom tiles that add aesthetic appeal to the bathroom. Each of these stones have their own properties. If you are looking for affordable bathroom tiles, choose faux stone, wood or other affordable tiles that are easy on the pocket but provide the same visual effect as the natural stone tiles.
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