Flood Maps Of Chatham County Now With New Updates

One of the residents of Chatham County, Gloria McArthur, is keeping her hopes high in the event that the new flood maps of the county will show a lower possibility of flooding. This means good news for her because she will have to reduce the amount she is paying in her yearly flood insurance set at premium in order to cover her Pooler home.

What she is hoping for will not be possible but there is good news for other residents.

McArthur visited the consultant Courtney Reich who is working for the Ecological Planning Group asked her to have a closer look at her property online during an open house for the new flood maps. The preview was held at the Savannah Tech. She glumly announced that nothing has changed on her end.

Reich showed her that a number of houses located near her place are already included in the flood free zone but unfortunately for her house, which has been flooded twice already, is still included in the flood zone. McArthur received no good news of relief but there are many residents in the Chatham district that will be seeing the good news once the preliminary maps are already finished by 2017. This is according to the floodplain administrator of the Chatham County, Michael Blakely. He also added that it will be good news for many residents.

The open house accommodated around 200 people and there has been great improvement in the attendance compared to the last open house conducted when the maps were last updated in 2008. During that time, only a dozen people cared enough to attend the event and majority of them are surveyors. Blakely said that the high interest is due to the federal Biggert-Waters Act that was passed in 2012. The act raised awareness to many of the people in the county. Moreover, the changes in the latest maps are bigger compared to the last update. Maps such as this and other map illustrations are helpful in providing the people information as well as to make them aware of the coming calamities in order to be prepared.

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