Funeral Directors In Sydney Refuse To Accept The Body Of Siege Gunman

It’s too bad to hear that Sydney’s head Islamic funeral director claimed Muslim funeral homes have rejected the body of Man Haron Monis, the Siege gunman. He has recommended to the polity to throw his body at sea.

Monis’s body remains at the morgue, and has yet to be claimed. The release should happen before Christmas, and it’s quite bad that funeral directors in Sydney refuse to accommodate his body for funeral services.

According to reports from the Daily Telegraph, the body will hopefully have a simple funeral sponsored by the Department of Health should his wife miss to claim it.

Amin Sayed, the Lebanese Muslim Association funeral director, said they don’t care for his body, as they hardly know him, and that they have totally abandon the thought of his funeral.

‘Nobody wants to do his funeral and Muslim funeral directors in Sydney refuse to accept him. They can dump his body into the sea,’ he said.

Mr. Sayed said the extremist’s body will receive a secret funeral without his name on the grave, and they refuse to accept any sum of money for his funeral.

‘He was a man who did harm to Australians, and we don’t need him with all his disgrace,’ he said.

Following a medical examiner’s request, the body will undergo an autopsy done by forensic pathologists.

As what a NSW Health spokesperson tells Daily Telegraph, ‘it’s the responsibility of the local health district to process and pay a destitute burial and cremation in their area.’

‘Wherever the death of a person has happened maybe outside a public health facility, authorities have yet to determine which state will be responsible for the funeral and burial. Anyway, its local health district can finance it.

Monis is survived by his partner Amirah Droudis, but she has the option to claim or reject his body.

No Muslim can be renounced for a sacred funeral unless he has disclaimed his faith before he died.

So let’s wait and see how Man Haron Monis’s body will be buried, if no Muslim funeral directors in Sydney are willing to accept him.


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