Governor Assures Phuket Is Not Under Drought Crisis

A press conference was held by the governor of Phuket, PhakaphongTavipatana, in order to clarify that there is no shortage of water reserves that supply the main water systems of the province. He also emphasized that amidst report, there is no drought crisis in Phuket. Businesses on the island including spa in Phuket do not have to worry because he has given assurance that they have enough water.

On the same note, Governor Phakaphong mandated local government organizations to ensure that all residents under their jurisdiction were supplied with water by utilizing the budget designated for the local offices.

The press conference of the Phuket governor was held in Grand Supicha City Hotel. His message to all the local officials is that they must devise their own plans to make sure that have the drought under control. He added that all issues should be forwarded immediately to the PPAO or Phuket Provincial Administration Office as well as the Phuket Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office.

His order was clear which is to make sure the residents have enough water delivered to them to avoid any complaints regarding grievances later on. The Vice Governors are also hard at work to cooperate with the private water sources located in three different districts. This is their alternative plan in case the annual rains are a no-show.

In a reassuring note, he said that they were able to manage the water reserves therefore there is enough to be used by the residents. His only concern is that the province is being painted in another light by the media because of reports regarding water shortages.

He said that the wrong information presented by the media could greatly impact the tourism sector of the island. This is the main reason why he decided to explain and to convey the correct information to the public.

The chief of Provincial Waterworks Authority, GraisornMahamad, said that they are already rationing the volume of water released as a conservation method. They are calling out to residents, business owners of spa in Phuket and other establishments and hotels to conserve water as much as possible because their water reserves have reached record lows.

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