Guide For Your Holiday In Crete, Greece

Greece boasts a lot of islands but nothing is as exceptional as the island of Crete. It is the largest of all the Greek islands and it offers diversity when it comes to its landscape. It is located in the southern part of the country. Other parts of Greece can be experienced within Crete but in its entirety, it offers a separate experience unlike any other. Tourists will be able to bask in the island’s culture and the vibe it creates. Since it is a large island, it is best for tourists to hire a rental car from reliable companies like Flisvos in order to go around the island with ease.

The most populated part of the island is located in the northern coast and it is also the most popular tourist destination. The capital of the island is Heraklion and it also serves as the entry point. It is a working city that is bustling like a metropolis but the city is proud of its international standard museum. If you want to experience something Venetian, visit the western cities of Hania and Rethymnon. The eastern part called Agios Nikolaos contains the major resorts within the island.

The center part of the island is where the White Mountains is located. These can go as high as more than 2,000 meters and located in the western side. Tourists will be able to experience hiking and diving at the same time. If you want a gentler mountain experience, go east where there is a Lasithi plateau complete with windmills.

The southern part of the island offers a rugged look because the number of tourists visiting is considerably less than the ones in the north. There you will be able to see gorges and coves as well as a number of villages in isolation. From there, you will be able to access the isolated islets that are located in the southern part of Crete.

Crete offers a big part of its history including the labyrinthine palaces created by the Minoans, the control of the Venetians and the traces of the time when Germans occupied the island. All of this can be easily experienced by those who have rental cars from Flisvos as they will be able to drive from north to south of the island of Crete.

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