Guidelines During King’s Funeral Unclear To Establishments In Bangkok

This month is set to be the national mourning period in Thailand because of the upcoming cremation of the late King. Many establishments in Bangkok are still not sure about the course of action they should take during this period. According to them, no official guidelines have been released yet with regards to nightlife and establishments that provide entertainment. They are unsure of what to do unlike convenient hotel in Bangkok that will operate as usual.

There have been numerous events that were cancelled right away including the Full Moon Party by KohPhangan. Owners of the six biggest venues in the city said that they are willing to follow regulations in terms of selling alcohol and curfew as long as they are given the mandate.

According to the owner of Outlaw Creative Cuisine, RomainGuiot, which is located at Charoen Krung said that he has no idea if his closing time should be earlier or if there are measures he should take for the whole month. The owner of a cinema club located in SoiSukhumvit admitted that he did not implement any changes and will wait for official announcements.

Friese-Greene Club’s owner, Paul Spurrier, said that they remain open until the legal time indicated despite not serving alcoholic drinks. He recognize that this time is a special period thus they are careful not to commit offense.

The bar located at Soi Si Bamphen known as I Hate Pigeons will continue their operating hours until they get instructions from the local police authorities.

Highball Bangkok, on the other hand, will not be doing business on October 13 which the anniversary of the King’s death and on October 26 which is set for the cremation rites. For the whole month, the music inside the bar will be controlled at a lower tempo.

Jam’s owner, DhyanHo, said that the bar will be closed for the whole week in time with the cremation period.

Hotels in the city including a convenient hotel in Bangkok will resume their operations as usual but festivals andcelebrations are prohibited during the mourning period.

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