Hand-Drawn Map Art Of North Korea’s Pyongyang

Thousands of artists all over the world create cityscape map art that is stunningly detailed and highlights most well known landmarks, streets and buildings. A British artist who visited North Korea’s capital Pyongyang created hand-drawn maps of the city. The intricately detailed and hand-drawn maps were made of the city in spite of the limited freedom to explore.

Gareth Fuller, the British artist said that the reason why he drew a map is to “pull back the curtain on a city so routinely shrouded in mystery.” North Korea has a secretive society that most people know nothing about. It is one of the few remaining countries that are still under communist rule.

Fuller who comes from Bristol is considered a foreigner and had to be accompanied by North Korean guides all the time. He described Pyongyang as one of the most discussed cities across the world but the least visited.

Fuller has previously created hand-drawn maps of well known cities like London, Bristol and Beijing. His hand-drawn maps are unlike traditional maps because they are fairly useless for navigation; however, his maps look better because they capture the beauty of a certain place.

He hopes that the Tourist Map of Pyongyang will encourage pause for thought. People who will view the map must consider the North Korean capital as a city with its culture and people minus the headlines. Because Fuller had limited freedom to explore, he changed his usual way of working.

Typically, Fuller’s process of drawing a map starts from an unbridled exploration without any boundaries or borders. However, this is impossible in North Korea. Exploration must be scheduled and tightly planned. Fuller walked through the more popular routes used by tourists who were allowed to visit the socialist wonderland. Fuller’s favourite was the ice rink that doubles as an indoor ice hockey venue.

You can choose a favourite city and have a cityscape map art drawn for your walls, conference room, hotel lobby or hallway. The map art will include the features of a city that can be viewed while looking over it from the windows of an airplane. You will see landmarks in their distinctive shape and design.

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