Harley-Davidson Saying Goodbye To US But Will Move To Thailand

According to a labour union, one of the most legendary motorcycle manufacturers might be shutting down its plant located in Kansas City. This is not a permanent goodbye through as the company is said to be relocated to its new factory which is based in Thailand. Job hunters need not be surprised if they see top recruitment agencies in Thailand posting about employment opportunities from Harley-Davidson.

Harley admitted that they have already decided to close down the factory in Kansas City amidst urging by the Congress not to do so in order to save 800 employees. The motorcycle maker said that the work from Kansas City will be moved to another plant in York which will result to an additional 400 job opportunities there instead.

Nancy Pelosi, the house minority leader, created a dialogue with the Aerospace Workers together with the Association of Machinists. They know that a part of the work will be sent to Thailand. Kansas City plant’s machinist, Richard Pence, said that a portion of his job will require him to relocate to York but a huge part will also demand from her to travel back to Thailand.

Harley-Davidson continues to deny the allegations that Kansas City was closed down because of Thailand’s new plant. In a formal statement, the company said that there is no correlation between the two. This was a business decision made in order for them to reach their target which is 50 per cent of their yearly volume by 2027. The plant in Thailand will help the company improve and ensure that the riders will have the best access possible when it comes to motorcycle gears and products.

India is also home to an assembly plant for Harley-Davidson which is the same facility that creates the famous Street-model bikes targeting international markets. The company said that they are on the right track with regards to their long-term strategy. Before their new plant opens, top recruitment agencies in Thailand will be listing available jobs under the company.

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