Home Decorator Offers Free Services To Families In Dire Straits

“Home is where the heart is”, so the old saying goes, which is why any home decorator, like BD Decorators, worth their salt know how much care and attention people want on their home decor.

However, not everyone can afford to have a home decorator come in and work on their house, and one such decorator in UK’s Swansea, is very much aware of that fact.

William Leggatt, owner of the local Paint Pots Swansea, a home decorating company much like BD Decorators, recently promised the people of Swansea that he will spend one weekend every month helping local families who’ve ended up in dire straits due to unseen and unfortunate circumstances. Following his promise, which he posted on Facebook, about 1,000 families have already asked for his aid.

William is known around the area as the decorator that helped the Stevens family after said family ended up in a predicament after the mother, Angela, was diagnosed with a terminal case of ovarian cancer, on top of the Stevens’ kid Michael suffering from autism.

The 27-year old said that he felt good helping the Stevens, and that it drove him to help more. He’s doing it because it’s the right thing to do, and because he can.

The home decorator ran into the Stevens family in 2016 after posting a similar advertisement on Facebook, which was noticed by someone associated with social services, who then brought the family to Leggatt’s attention.

The Stevens family was having trouble at that time due to Angel having been diagnosed with cancer, which led to her needing multiple organs removed. A while later, the family was then told that her cancer was terminal, which was particularly devastating for Leon, the husband, who also had a 16-year-old son on the autism spectrum to take care of.

The family was due to move into a new home that needed work, and during that turbulent time period, Michael, the son, was taken into care. It was around this time that Leggatt was brought in, and when he decided to do what he can to help the family.

Leggatt says that he worked on their home for free, just in time for Angel to come home and die amidst her family.

After the refurbishment, Leggatt stays in contact with the family, ready to offer support.

Now, the home decorator is looking for other families to help, hence the posting on Facebook, and other local pages.  Those looking for his help posted their stories or messaged him directly, and Leggatt is looking through the stories to see who he’ll help.

He says that while it’s nice to get a bit of publicity, the reason they’re doing this is because they can and the fact that some people are just less fortunate.

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