How An Interior Designer In Bangkok Keeps Up With The 2018 Design Trends

A growing number of developers are decorating their new condominiums with modern interior design trends. Nowadays, we can hardly find styles using plain white walls and simple interiors. Apartments are now designed with flare to emphasise the qualities of the unit and to innovate a comfortable and enticing home. This is exactly the trend for 2018. Just like the past year, they focused on the importance of comfort and sustainability. So, here are suggestions for the 2018 interior design trends, which will need an interior designer in Bangkok for the styling:

  • Think Wood

For 2018, if you want to show off, use wood, as it creates warmth and calming qualities. It may not just be used as a dining table or bookshelf, but you can turn it into the real focal point. Just choose contemporary wood to ensure you’re keeping up with the trend.

  • Earthy Colours

Bold colours are popular in 2018 but you should have a modern tone. If you use earthy colours like browns, dark reds, yellows and oranges, you provide a cozy feel. Get a right tone of colours that preferring brighter colours as it can create a different impact. Besides, you need to have these colours complement the room furniture.  An interior designer in Bangkok can help you with this.

  • Upholstery in velvet and suede

Choose a suede leather or velvet sofa. It should provide the room a soft feel and a place to relax and unwind.

  • Metal Furniture

Choose a furniture that will match your wooden dining table, earthy coloured walls and suede sofa. You may need suggestions from an interior designer in Bangkok regarding this matter.

  • Simple Window Dressings

The window dressing must be practical for 2018. You’ll surely want to complement the new earthy interiors with the right features. Leave windows bare or choose simple drapes or curtains.

You may need the creativity and style of an interior designer in Bangkok to make or break the look of your home. For 2018, you need to keep up with earthy colours complemented with the right furniture to make it look perfect.

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