How Good Reviews Can Help In Recruiting New Talent

Glassdoor is a website where you can find company reviews that has been anonymously posted by employees. For example, King Kong agency reviews from its current and former employees can help in the recruitment process for new talent. Digital talent is in short supply nowadays and reviews are a new way for companies to source the talent they need.

Companies in every industry have to digitalize their operations but companies that are struggling to find the talent they need. However, there are also companies that are good at filing out their digital talent requirements. These companies do not pay more to their employees nor do they spend more on training; they hire people with skills that can be developed and provide them with incentives to improve their abilities.

Most companies still follow the conventional practice of recruiting talent from the best schools and sometimes, from their competitors in the industry. A global survey of 1,000 business leaders revealed that some digital agencies consider potential more than credential.

Since the life cycle of some technology skills like popular programming languages is about 2 years, the clock for technical expertise quickly runs out. A stronger candidate must be more adaptable, curious and quick to learn.

Business leaders that were surveyed prefer to hire people with associate degrees, graduates of vocational or trade schools, those who are returning to the workforce after their military service or after parenting. These candidates are more motivated, resilient and agile and are better team players than candidates from more privileged situations.

An example is Unilever that searches for potential employees from a much wider pool by using online games and video interviews to screen candidates. The company was able to process 280,000 applications by using artificial intelligence algorithms to filter and reduce hiring time and costs. By using this process, Unilever has doubled the likelihood of candidates reaching final interview and accepting their offer.

Companies need different strategies to attract potential candidates. However, it is important to have good King Kong agency reviews because many job seekers prefer to use job sites to learn how a company works from the personal opinions of its own employees.

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