How Man Sacrifices His Health In Favor Of Money

For 5 consecutive nights starting September 26, UK families will be able to watch The Retreat, an entertaining and fascinating observational documentary TV series starring Nick Knowles as he goes to a journey to achieve a healthy body, mind and spirit. With Nick Knowles is an unlikely group of people, two coming from DIY SOS, an 18 stone London taxi driver who is suffering from Type 2 diabetes, Julian who belongs to a hippie cult and Billy who is dealing with the loss of his daughter after 20 years.

At the healing retreat, Nick Knowles and his group will experience fasting, vegan, yoga and Reiki. The aim of this health and wellbeing series is to show that life can change in 28 days through diet, mindfulness and exercise. The growing trend among people living in fast paced stressful world is to search for inspiration and information about weight loss to improve their health. Many individuals are also looking forward to a healthy change in their lifestyle and to achieve a balance in their work and personal life. It cannot be denied that modern day life has resulted into bad habits with quick fixes through processed food and comfort. Due to a busy work schedule, many employees ignore the importance of exercise meaning they no longer listen to the dictates of the body.

According to the words of the Dalai Lama, he is surprised by man who sacrifices his health in favor of money. Later on, money is sacrificed to recuperate the health. Man is always anxious about the future that he forgets to enjoy the present which results in not being able to live in the future or the present. Man lives as if he is not going to die and he dies having never really lived. Westerners are trapped in this cycle.

At the Health Retreat Thailand, affordable services are provided for detox and cleanse, weight loss and physical fitness in a resort located at one of the beautiful beaches of Thailand. The beach is perfect and completely unspoiled by the trappings of modernity. The health program is provided by skilled and experienced professionals who will guide you towards a healthy lifestyle.

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