How Orchid Exporters In Thailand Grow Their Orchids

There’s a myth that orchid caring is only for the affluent people. If you think this impression is true, then you are unaware of the facts that there are 25,000+ orchid species and a 100,000+ orchid hybrids. So, what does this imply? It means that with these large numbers of orchid types, there have to be one or a few which you can care for with limited budget. And lucky enough, you can choose to become orchid exporters in Thailand and raise orchids to suit your lifestyle and skill levels.

You may think that caring for orchids can be intimidating; however, you don’t need to stress on that. For the most part, you can treat the orchids with the same amount of attention that other typical home gardening plants will have. If you are orchid exporters in Thailand, you will start with cultivating a simple orchid like the phaleanopsis which requires minimal care. This type of orchid is mostly given as a present. And just like all orchid types, you will have the blooms if properly cared for.

So, to make your orchid plant bloom as expected when given the right attention, here are tips to do it properly:

  • Put it on a windowsill or near the window: Orchids love long periods of sunlight. Put it in someplace where you can soak in the morning and make it get evening sunlight. However, never leave the orchid in the middle of a strong sunlight as they may wither and die. Rather, have them on lower forms of light to live.


  • Make sure they are placed in a climate about 55°-80° Fahrenheit. If exposed to extreme sunlight, the orchid may lose its bud and not bloom. To ensure the plant stays healthy, provide them with adequate water for moisture, but not to drench the roots, or they will perish.


  • Properly fertilise the orchid before it blooms: Once the orchid blooms, there is no need for fertilisers. Also, if you want more flowers emerging from the orchid, you need to cut dead leaves and branches to allow second sets of flowers to bloom.

If orchid exporters in Thailand will follow all these simple tips, they have all the reasons to see pretty orchid flowers blooming consistently making their flower business prosper.


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