How Teamwork Affects Performance

17 Teamwork is such an important part of every department for a company to succeed. This is why many corporations nowadays hire professionals such as Hidden Door to organize team building events for them because they wanted to make sure that each of their employees has a harmonious working relationship with one another. Team building cannot be done everyday though so it is up to the company to think of ways to improve teamwork among co-workers.

The first thing is to realize that the workforce inside your company may be composed of individuals from different generations. The needs of the older generation might not be the same with the Millennials. This brings us to an important point – every one of them should be given attention to make sure their needs are met. For instance, Millennials are known to get motivation from the recognition they receive. In fact, their need for recognition is three times stronger compared to the older generation.

They don’t want random, meaningless praises though because Millennials wanted to make sure that they are working towards the achievement of the company’s goal. They value praises that are positive coupled with constructive criticism, if applicable, since they know they will benefit from it than meaningless words of praise.

To boost the productivity of these types of workers, they must be rewarded with effective and smart recognition if they deserve it. It should be given as a team as soon as they achieve something as a group. It is the task of the leaders to give recognition and rewards based on what will motivate the person the most.

A good leader knows that he must be the bridge that will help workers reconcile their work with the values they live by. In the case of Millennials, they must know the cause of why they need to work so hard regardless if they are new in the team since they are a big part of a single project that will impact the company as a whole.

Events and team building activities organized by professional companies like Hidden Door will help supplement a team but it will still be up to the leaders to make sure their workers are motivated and recognized in order to increase productivity.

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