How To Avoid Eating Disorder According To Psychologists In Melbourne

Getting into shape regardless if you need to gain weight or shed some pounds can be really tormenting to a lot of people especially in this generation where physical appearance is widely accepted as a form of status symbol. Unfortunately, such perception can lead to various ordeal, which includes mental and emotional stress in a form of eating disorder.

However, according to eating disorder psychologists in Melbourne can be avoided with these basic yet relevant information.

  1. The goal to proper physical change is to do it correctly. But messing up quite a few times should not hinder you in going back on track. It is an imperfect world after all, and we’re bound to commit such.
  2. Awareness on the various eating disorder such as anorexia and bulimia is a helpful tool in avoiding them. Knowledge is the key.
  3. Facing the fact that your body is not an absolute representation of what you are, rather it is just a parcel of your ultimate existence. There is more to you than the size of your waistline.
  4. Be familiar with the things that you can and cannot eat. Eating healthy is mainly the get-go of a healthier you. As what number 1 states, should you fail to miss some points, you always have the opportunity to bounce back. However, do it quickly with no hesitations.
  5. Do not regret committing mistakes. Make it a lesson learned for you to become stronger.
  6. No judgement to physical appearance. If you avoid comparing yourself to others, then emotional stress will not be evident. Aspiring to be the better version of you is the way to go. Appreciate other people, but not to the point that you adore them mindlessly.
  7. Media is a powerful tool but at the end of the day, it is you who decide what will happen in your life, and not the social media trolls.
  8. Value yourself on other aspects. Remind yourself that you have so many things to be thankful for.
  9. Life is meant to be lived, and not otherwise. Hence, live life based on the context of appropriateness and moderation.
  10. Help those who are under eating disorder. This could be in any form, from being non-judgmental person to someone who merely sympathizes could really help.
  11. Be with the right people, and not in a crowd who may ruin your perspectives in life.
  12. Finally, press that help button if needed. It is always best to ask for help when situations become too overwhelming. The courage to accept defeat is an element of survival.

These are just some of the basic truths that are very helpful in avoiding eating disorders, but could also come in handy about life in general.

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