How To Choose Modern Kitchen Tiles

When you decide to choose modern kitchen tiles for your home, you can think of the shape, colour and size. However, it’s a good thing that these kitchen tiles come in variety and you can choose something that can fit your kitchen space. So, are you familiar with ceramic, porcelain and white body tiles? Here is to show you the difference of the three when you want them added into your kitchen.

Many times, you observe that kitchen tiles can be classified as porcelain or ceramic. You may also choose for higher priced tiles such as marble and granite. To let you know, ceramic is made from clay, fired by a kiln and glazed on top for design. They can come in various patterns and colours and is best for kitchen floors or walls. However, they are not as durable as porcelain, and it’s easier to cut. They are also not recommendable for the outdoors as they can’t withstand freezing temperatures.

Just like ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are made from clay, but are stronger and great for places that are hot. This also means that they can be more difficult to cut than ceramic tiles. For ceramic tiles, the colour of the design and the glaze are seen on top. But with porcelain, they go all the way from top to bottom. They can also be used for the outdoors as they hardly absorb water. This modern kitchen tiles are great for the kitchen as they also can withstand heat.

White body tiles are tiles in between porcelain and ceramic. They can’t be classified as porcelain as they can highly absorb water. However, they are also lesser than ceramic tiles. This is the best option to choose if you’re not opting for ceramic or porcelain. You can easily cut the pieces to a desired size and shape and you can install narrow grout lines. To know these white body tiles, they look similarly like ceramic, but are more of a durable type.

Many homeowners consider their budget first before spending on kitchen tiles. Ceramic may be less expensive than porcelain, but you have the latter more durable. Just ensure you know how to cut these modern kitchen tiles to get the desired shapes. Also ensure they are durable enough,so they can be easily maintained and will last longer.

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