How To Integrate Reviews In Social Media Channels

In 2020, more than 3.6 billion people were found out to be using social media – a number that is expected to increase to nearly 4.45 billion by 2025. This means that social media is the perfect place to highlight favourable customer reviews.

Users of social media love to view behind-the-scenes stories of brands. Businesses can use story templates to showcase a selection of testimonials on Facebook and Instagram stories. Another option is the use of video testimonials to add an extra element of authenticity.

Persuasive videos are the ideal choice for businesses who want to influence their target audience to take action. In order to gain the best results from video testimonials, the business must make sure that its customers are sharing their stories using their own words.

Your website’s landing page is the most ideal place to share customer reviews. If the goal is to increase conversion rates, consider using videos, infographics and photo testimonials that show the image of the customer. Clean layouts in the landing pages will showcase key information around the testimonials and the offers.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular with an estimated 88 million podcast listeners in 2019. A value proposition and testimonial can catch the listener’s attention in the first 60 seconds particularly if the guest speaker is willing to talk about his personal experience with the brand.

A digital marketing agency believes that by integrating king kong agency reviews in its content marketing strategy, it can build trust and brand authority among customers and prospects. Customer reviews are the social proof that potential clients are looking for before they make a purchasing decision.

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