How To Repair Broken White Floor Tiles

You have marvellous white floor tiles in your home. You accidentally dropped something and broke one tile. To make it appear like nothing happened, you hide it under a throw rug. However, you can’t permanently hide it, so you think of repairing the tile. Is there really a need to remove the broken tile and let a newer onere places it? You also need to consider the grout. So, you try to find ways on how to fix the chipped tile, so it can be restored to what was looking great before.

Now here’s the great news! You’ll be able to fix the broken tile in just few hours. You can possibly do something to accomplish this task easily. If you choose to remove ceramic white floor tiles, ensure you have the exact match of the tile. Many people don’t usually keep leftover tiles in their home. However, remodelers and builders leave spare tiles, probably in boxes, just to have the homeowner a spare for repairs. The task can be madeeasier and simpler.

Aside from providing a spare tile, it would also be great to have some of the original sanded grout. However, the sanded grout is hard to keepas the Portland cement in the product will harden it when exposed to humid air. To preserve it, keep it in a sealed container and store in a cooler place. Ensure that your keeping it in an exceptionally dry place.

If you have white floor tiles but don’t have the grout that matches it, ensure you can get it someplace else. If you don’t get a perfect match, it may worsen the entire chip and it won’t look nice. If you want to replace the entire tile, clean the tile and grout, and replace it well so you see the real colour and beauty. If you’re cleaning it, use an organic oxygen bleach for the tile grout.

You can utilize online videos or pictures to teach you how to replace white floor tiles and add grout to it. You just need to DIY in less than few hours and you can save money.

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