How To Take Proper Care Of Your Pottstown Dentures

Dentures play an important role in a person’s life. If you have lost all your natural teeth due to tooth decay, injury, or gum disease, replacing your missing teeth is a crucial thing to do to improve your appearance and benefit your health.

Taking proper care of your Pottstown dentures is essential. Having good dentures contribute much to easier eating and speaking which improves your health and self-confidence. However, some people take this for granted which could lead to problems.

Denture Care Tips

Dentures need proper care to make them fit better and most of all last longer. Here are some points to remember to preserve your dentures and keep them in good shape:

  • Clean your dentures daily

Brush your dentures daily in the same manner that you would do to your natural teeth, but with one difference which is doing it without the toothpaste. Some types of commercial toothpaste can cause damage to dentures. You can use a denture brush with soft bristles which is specifically designed to clean dentures and water. Be careful with the attachments. Rinse dentures with tap water after every meal. There are special denture cleaners to use in soaking dentures. However, do not substitute brushing with soaking. You must brush your dentures to take away the plaques.

  • Treat your dentures right

Fold a towel and place your dentures in it so they won’t break if they would fall. Soak your dentures in water or a cleaning solution for dentures if you are not wearing them. Be cautious with cleaning solutions as they can tarnish the metal in your dentures. Don’t use hot water in soaking your dentures as they could be deformed.

  • Remove dentures every night whether full or partial

Removing dentures at night can help your gums beneath them relax and take a rest which is very important.

Taking care of your dentures is essential to preserve them. But, also remember to observe and practice good oral hygiene. You must brush your tongue and gums including your mouth roof. It is also essential to visit your dentist to check and assess the condition of your dentures so proper treatment could be done when necessary.


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