How You Can Make The Most Of Your Stay In Tel Aviv

Travelling can be quite a fulfilling experience. But for it to be a truly rewarding experience, you would have to be the one to work for it. Tel Aviv is a fun city to visit. In all of the cities of the world, Tel Aviv is probably one of the friendliest. It is a place where numerous cultures can coexist peacefully, a place where the LGBT community, Arabs, Jews and many more converge into one peaceful environment.

This cultural diversity is not the only thing that makes Tel Aviv special. If you ever find some time to visit this wonderful city, here are some things you should need to know about to help you make the most of your stay.

Firstly, when is the right time to visit this beautiful city?  Summer is probably the perfect time to start travelling. Unfortunately, if you are sensitive about the weather or the climate, then summer may not be an ideal time for you to travel to Tel Aviv. Remember, Israel’s location on the globe gives the country a fairly high temperature. It can even reach 35C. If temperature will be an issue, it would be best if you go there during spring or early fall. Winter would also be a great time to visit since even during winter, the weather in Tel Aviv is still quite nice.

Second, where would you stay when you do visit the city? That is a very good question. The city is very compact but there are a lot of good Tel Aviv hotels where you can stay at. But if you would choose a hotel, or even a neighborhood, it would be best if it is located near all the places of interest.

Lastly, you would have to think about getting around the city. It isn’t that difficult to get around the city. But unlike Jerusalem and other larger cities, Tel Aviv doesn’t have a rail system. But there is an abundance of buses in Tel Aviv that would make getting around much easier. You could also go by taxi or by bike. And if you are up to the challenge, you can walk around the city.

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