Importance Of Pest Control For Food Establishments

David Greenbaum, the Director of Public Health suggests that the town must require restaurants to undertake regular pest control after the apparent discovery of a dead cockroach on a customer’s leftovers from Border Café.

Customer Kristin Torres of Saugus called the Board of Health last week to report the presence of a dead cockroach on her cilantro dip ordered from Border Café and taken home. According to Torres, when she opened the leftovers after 5 hours and started eating, she spotted the dead cockroach on the bottom of the takeout container.

After the compliant has been received by the Board of Health, Greenbaum immediately conducted an inspection on the Border Café and found a dead bug that looks like a cockroach at the bottom the three-bay sink. The restaurant was inspected thoroughly including the area where the food in question was prepared but there were no signs of any active pests.

Representative of Border Café appeared before the Board of Health to discuss the pest issues. Bob Murphy, vice-president of operations of Border Café said that a customer has contacted the restaurant on March 24 at about 5 PM alleging that she found a cockroach on the bottom of the takeout container where the food ordered was placed.

According to Murphy, they immediately undertook an inspection of the entire facility including all food supplies for any signs of the alleged complaint and no evidence was found. The restaurant also contacted EcoLogic, the pest control company that has been working for them to inspect the restaurant for any pest activity and treat the areas whenever necessary.

Lisa Berger, a certified professional in food safety that has been hired by Border Café stated that she has worked steadfastly with the restaurant for more than a year ago. During the 4 pest inspections undertaken by EcoLogic, no pests were detected.

From the moment that you notice pests inside the home or office, call Perth pest control immediately so that the most appropriate solutions can be provided. Do not wait for an infestation before you call the experts; the problem may grow worse making pest control more difficult.

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