Index Finds Australia As One Of The Costliest Countries For Beauty Products And Services

Good beauty products are valued across the world, by both men and women alike. People spare little expense when it comes to looking their best for their special occasions, or just looking nice for the day-to-day. As such, salons in spas are popular across the globe for their services and their products.

For those looking for bridal hair in Bondi salon, the prices are higher than most. Indeed, such is the case across Australia, as revealed by a recent beauty price index, which showed that, out of the 50 countries indexed, Australia was #6 in the list, beaten only by Venezuela, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark and Finland as the most expensive country when it comes to beauty regimes, at least according to the index.

The review investigated retail prices for beauty products including, but not limited, to long-lasting lipstick, foundation, and perfume. Additionally, charges for relevant services, such as waxing, Botox injections, waxing and surgery were also inspected by Linio, a Latin America-based online retailer.

According to Alan Oster, National Australia Bank Group’s Chief Econmist, the retail margins in Australia are much higher than what would be encountered offshore, which attracts no small amount of attention from international retailers across the globe, who then come to the country and into the Australian beauty market.

Australians, on average, pay quite a bit for Botox, which rank as the fourth highest compared to the other countries, followed by eyeshadow, clocking in at eight. Cosmetic surgery, hair dye and perfume also entered the list with high marks, in contrast with Australia’s cheaper beauty products and services: lipstick, which ranked 17th cheapest, and nail polish at 27th. The US recorded the cheapest for perfume costs, whilst the prices for make-up were at their lowest in Canada, the US, Italy, and South Africa.

The prices used for the list were taken from shops and online retailers, based on the most popular international brands available in each country’s market, as brands aren’t consistent from country to country. Beauty salon and cosmetic clinic fees were taken from five major cities from each country.

Mr. Oster says that the high costs are influenced by Australia’s fairly high wages and living standards. He says that wealthier countries, such as Australia, are more inclined to splurge on their beauty spending, which is why Aussies are more willing to spend for premium bridal hair in Bondi, and for luxury beauty products.

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