Industry Categories That Have Been Wiped Out

According to the recent list published by the Labor Department, many industry categories have been eliminated which means that official job titles under those are also no longer acceptable. Firms that have adapted with technology such as business making fake ID for fun will remain in the market for a long time. Sadly, this is no longer true for job titles such as screen printer and printer. Other printing support titles have also been eliminated including prepress work and plate making.

It is the task of the Bureau of Labor Statistics to annually keep track of all industries that are considered too small to be in a specific category. The list is then kept in a database that has a monthly report known to be widely tracked.

In 2018, the industry categories that were removed are leather and allied products, hardwood and softwood veneer and plywood manufacturing, directory and mailing-list publishers and giver, yarn and thread mills. These many seem like minor details but the impact on the economy is quite substantial.

Current Employment Statistics revealed that last year printing, support activities for printing and commercial screen printing have been removed. It is nothing compared to 2008 when the list of erased industry category reached quite a record.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ supervisory economist, John Stewart, said that it is the responsibility of the Labor Department to make sure that the data in a specific industry does not shrink too much where it can be utilized as an identifier of a particular company. The companies are the ones sending the BLS the necessary data regarding their employees and their wages. In return, it is the job of BLS to make sure that corporate trade secrets are not published at all costs.

Printing is quite a large sector but unfortunately one-third of it has already laid off employees beginning at the Great Recession. This sector has been affected the most compared to clothing manufacturing. Technology is the only reason why companies that print fake ID are still in the market despite the challenges faced by the industry.

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